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@ 247legals,  we connect people & businesses who have the need for a Solicitor in their local area, we do this by advertising on Google, Bing & Yahoo in your local area and when people search, they find our website and call our phone number we then transfer the calls directly to your office in real-time.

Exclusive Phone Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of every legal firm. A steady stream of incoming leads means continuing business and profits. We help generate leads in real-time through Phone Calls, SMS, Emails & Chat Bot Marketing.  Each phone lead is sent directly to you. All you need to do is answer the phone and set up an appointment and provide the service. 


Give your firm the best promotion opportunity! By describing your business, add an image & video to your listing. Increase your revenue with our exclusive phone lead service. £50 per connected live transferred call (notification via email and SMS included). Your £399 annual subscription includes 3 FREE exclusive leads. You can unsubscribe to the lead service at any time by sending mail to help@24legals.com

EXCLUSIVE AREAS: One law firm per service area per local area/region. The live transfer calls can only be connected to one firm so these leads are exclusive to your law firm.  



247Legals.com is your trusted source linking clients with expert legal professionals 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our events section also lists and publishes up and coming events/conferences in the Legal sector in the UK.

Solicitors Leads Generation

QUALITY CALLS A quality phone call lead is someone in your area calling for help, looking for a service you that you provide.

ONLY PAY FOR RESULTS  Why pay for poor performance or junky results? With our phone leads service, you only pay per quality call. No setup, no maintenance, or cancellation fees.

MARKET EXCLUSIVE  We do not sell leads to multiple law firms. The only firm we will work within your service area is you.

NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT You cancel service at any time with no penalty or obligation.

CALL RECORDING & REPORTING We record, listen to and transcribe all phone calls. You get a weekly report, so you know exactly    who called

NATIONWIDE INTERNET ADVERTISING We use Google, Bing, and other search engines to drive searchers looking for your services to our website.

INTERNET TRAFFIC TO PHONE CALLS Our directory & website landing pages will convert the traffic we send to it into high quality, exclusive phone calls to you.

100%  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We Offer 30 days Hassle-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee, if after a month you haven’t received 3 FREE leads we would refund your subscription fees.


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