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This is probably the first question you are asking yourself as you read this report. So let’s go ahead and actually define for you what online reputation management really is… It is the practice of staying on top of your business’-word-of-mouth and making sure that all of your negative reviews are handled in a proper way.

The world of reputation management has changed a great deal over the last year.  With the merging of Google business pages with reviews, business owners must now be aware of and manage what is being said about them online.
It is no longer adequate to try to manage your reputation, you must build a positive reputation and then marketing that to prospective clients!

In a recent study, when   referred to a company 87 percent of people go online to get information about that company before they decide if they’ll even call the company? That’s a staggering number that is growing daily and that’s why it’s so important that local businesses pay very close attention to their online reputation. It can mean the difference in customers flocking to their company or going to their competitors.

Business owners are also customers of other businesses and they need to think about their company in that way!  So here are some points to consider a a business owner.

When seeing a company with bad reviews or very few reviews, they will most likely opt to call a different business that has lots of positive reviews.  So as the  business owner, the question is, are they seeing great reviews talking in a positive manner about their company?  If not then they need to fix that!

Owners used to build a site, and then possibly advertise to bring customers to it.  But today, before they find that new site, they’ll see your reviews or your competitors reviews directly on the front page of the search engines. Are those reviews positive or not, Is there enough to get them to call or will they call someone else.

Our Strategy involves 4 Steps

247Legals Online Reputation Marketing


1. Build reputation by getting reviews – We provide you a feedback panel built into your site that allows you to input your clients and get internal feedback..This system helps you fix issues with customer that are not happy before they post bad reviews online and when you get a positive review, that customer can easily be re-directed to your online profiles across the internet to share that review there!

2. We take all of those positive reviews and we place them prominently on your site and if you would love some great content we produce professional review videos that can be shared all over the internet and social media (It is a slight monthly upgrade for us to do this for you each month).

3. We monitor all major review sites and send you updates immediately for good or bad reviews.  Our system is designed to help you in solving issues with unhappy clients before they ever get a chance to leave negative reviews online.

4. We have developed a training program for your staff to help them to better understand and deliver customer service and create a culture in your business that breeds positive reviews.

But also, you need to make sure that your clients realise that you appreciate them as well, so you must also stay up to date with the good reviews! Basically, reputation management is making your law firm look good and stand out from your competitors. Let’s face it, if your prospective client sees one bad review about your business, we can both agree that this could cause that client to turn to your competition to do business with them instead!

So from a business standpoint, we want to stay on top of our reputation to make sure that clients gravitate towards our business by seeing that we are good to their peers! To accomplish this task, it is all about playing around with the search engine results. Our goal is to make sure that the bad reviews are off of the first page at the very least, if not gone completely, and make sure that our good reviews are right at the top of the search results so that is what prospects will see right from the jump!

74% Consumers Say They Will NOT Select A Company With Little Or Poor Reviews!

Your Reputation is Very Important 

A Law Firm is only as strong as the reputation it builds within their existing client base. Comments and reviews establish a level of trust, helping to draw in new clients while solidifying your loyal base. But what should you do if a client leaves a negative comment, a review that tears apart the fabric you have worked so hard to build?

247 Legals Reputation Report

Our Reputation Marketing tools allow you to conquer these concerns by:

  • Providing 24/7 monitoring of your ratings, reviews and social sites
  • Working hand-in-hand to boost the reviews to your website
  • Providing Best Practices for responding to less than favorable reviews

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